Making A Choice: An Argument Against Abortion

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Making a choice
Growing up in today 's world, young people face many hard issues. Everybody has an opinion and most people try to shove it down your throat. Each side has a strong argument and it can be very hard to discern truth from lie. Not every issue is black and white there is a grey area. However the day one turns 18 you 're asked to pick a side or make a decision. One of the biggest issues in today’s world is abortion. To choose to be either pro-life or pro-choice. Do you believe the mother has the full power to choose or should the community should choose for her. Wait… Stop… is there not an in between? As a woman and a Christian I can see and respect both points of view. So the only thing I can do is exercise my right as an American citizen to investigate and
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Abortion is reducing the number everyday. This could also lead the mother to feel guilty and start to stress and become depressed. “45% of women who have had an abortion report having suicidal feeling immediately following their procedure” (healthresearchfunding). “81% increased risk of mental trauma after abortion” (healthresearchfunding). Women who have had an abortion can lead to a lifetime of guilt and become a burden.
Pro- choice people are for abortion they believe it is okay for women to have abortions. Believing it’s the mother’s choice and we should not take her rights away. Pro-choice people are not saying abortion is a great way to get rid of ones baby, they are saying women should have the right to make their own decisions and not have the community or government make it for them. Pro-choice people represent a respectful way in which all individuals and families have the ability to choose and take responsibility for their decision. “No woman can call herself free who does not control her own body” (Margaret Sanger).
There is also a long list of pros to having an abortion, but the main one

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