Argumentative Essay About Paparazzi

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They say that fame has a price but is giving away your privacy and having people photograph your every move worth being famous? From flying paparazzi drones to harassment the life of a celebrity seems to be portrayed as glamour. As the brilliant Anthony Liccione said “ Gain fame, and the paparazzi or media waits and watches for them to slip, just to shame their name.” Paparazzi are blood thirsty animals ready to snap a photo of a celebrity in the wrong place at the wrong time just to ruin their life.

Although some say that once a celebrity become famous they’re giving away their private life many will disagree saying that a celebrity is still human and still have their fourth amendment right which states “The right of the people to be
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As Larry Alton states in his article ”Are paparazzi-induces Car Accident A Problem?” expressing two major pop stars of our generation having awful run in with the paparazzi and includes a quote from Eldin stating that accidents in LA happen anywhere it doesn’t matter if it’s a celebrity or a random citizens getting milk at a store. Many will disagree stating the fact that a celebrity automobile accident can be easily avoided if a sea of paparazzi didn’t chase down their car just like Princess Diana death could've been prevented since paparazzi took part in Princess Diana’s death. As pointed out by in Alan Cowell in his article “Negligent Driving Killed Diana, Jury Finds” Princess Diana cause of death along with her chauffeur has died in result in driving above the limit trying to escape from paparazzi ganging up on them just to get a quick snap. Is a quick snap of a celebrity more important than someone’s …show more content…
For instance ever since the case of Actresses Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner in which they and their kids were harassed by paparazzi the actress both urged California to pass a law to ban paparazzi from harassing well know celebrities kids. (Clyde Hughes, Paparazzi Ban on 'Harassing' Kids of Celebrities, Politicos To Be Law) California immediately took notice in the law and banned it seeing that paparazzi are an really a threat to others.

In conclusion paparazzi should be banned because even with the heavy laws and restriction paparazzi still harass kids and still are the cause for many accidents. Paparazzi do not only act as a danger to celebrity but to bystanders and close ones of the celebrity. Paparazzi are known for being ruthless when it comes to getting a shot of a celebrity doing everyday things.Paparazzi should only be present when there’s public big events such as The Gala or The Oscars. Celebrities are still people and do have the right to have privacy no matter

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