Argumentative Essay: Issue Body Cameras

The reason for this is because people claim cops take advantage of their power and attack innocent people. No one really knows if the cop was right for shooting the unarmed teen. There are a lot of disputes pertaining this issue. Some cops do in fact abuse their power but just because there is one bad apple in the bunch, not all the others are going to be rotten. Cameras will help protect those officers who do the right thing against unfounded civil complaints of brutality and racism. Miami officer Lydia Marquez talked about the uneasiness of her job. Now it is really hard to do what she loves, which is to protect people because those people have different emotions towards them. "When I kiss my children in the morning before I go to work, I …show more content…
More and more cops are being falsely accused for brutality and racism making people afraid. Cops on the other hand can 't be trusted by their community and are having problems showing them what they are really for. Cameras will help the citizens of the country feel safer. It will give people of all races and ethnic backgrounds piece of mind to be able to talk to cops or have the cops talk to them without there being any problem. Now there is extra surveillance that will help both law enforcement officers and the people. Although, there are many states that do issue body cameras to their police officers, this all should be done nationwide. We have seen how much change it has brought to the state of California why not see that change in all of our states? Cameras will help prevent violence in the community by being present and recording everything that happens, it will help safe the government and court systems a lot of money in trying to resolve crimes by providing extra evidence, and it will keep our police officers safe. It will stop all the negative talks about our first responders and it will show people that not all cops abuse of their power. Police brutality will not be a problem anymore and the safety of our cops will be guaranteed. Cameras may cost a lot, they may be hard to maintain or to store all the film, but what is better than having a community where people are not scared of cops? Where teens of all ages and races can go up to them without hesitation? Where cops can be looked at as heroes and role models and not biased government workers. Both police officers and the community will have stronger and better

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