Why Are Actors And Athletes Paid So Much Essay

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Everyday when we turn on the television it is full of shows, movies and sports. They are full of a variety of actors and athletes. Do you ever wonder why they get paid so much? If so you are probably like me and want to know why. Some of the reasons they are paid so are because they are the best at what they do, actors and athletes are in the public eye at all times, become spokespeople for brands, and risk their career playing or performing in sports. When you watch a movie in the movie theater you are paying to see a film produced with talented actors and actresses that are good looking, capable of memorizing lines, and making it look natural. These things draw us into the action and we feel like we are apart of the movie. “Some great actors …show more content…
For example David Beckam is a spokesperson for the fast fashion brand H&M with his own-labeled loungewear with them. David Beckam is widely known around the world and with his name and face on products it makes consumers feel like it is a good brand items from. (Vouge, 1) A well know actress known, as Sally Fields is a spokesperson for a widely used osteoporosis medication Boniva. (WebMD, 3) With a famous face people who are around ages sixty and up might relate to a familiar face and be more inclined to talk to their doctor about getting the same kind of medication that Sally Fields takes for her osteoporosis. These endorsements and spokesman ships help the actors and athletes get paid for using and being seen with the products. With that being said actors and athletes are always in the pubic eye. Everyone around the world sees their private life’s being taken advantage of by paparazzi and gossip sites. By being paid millions of dollars actors and athletes are able to afford houses with security to keep them safe. They also are looked upon as style icons and trending topics to be looked at. People expect actors and athletes to always look like they see them on TV, in magazines, and on advertisements. If not they could easily be talked about on gossip websites or made fun of on social media for just looking like an average everyday

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