Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Pro-Athletes Should Not Receive High Pay Did you know Floyd Mayweather is the highest paid professional athlete as of 2015, while middle class is barely making it through the month? There has been controversy over the subject of athletes get paid too much. Some people think it is ridiculous because they are entertainers such as actors and actresses. Others, these professional athletes are role models to young children and even older adults. Another reasoning is these professional sports can be extremely harmful to these humans. In popular opinion, these people train all year for this sport, so their bodies are in right condition to continue to play. Little do people know, if these athletes get harmed, most insurance companies do not pay …show more content…
The average work days is eight hours. That’s a total of fifty-eight dollars a day, and most jobs get paid every two weeks. Leaving a rough total of eight hundred and twelve dollars for every two weeks, still not including the people who work less than eight hours a day, have a family, have piles of bills, clothing and necessities, and provide for food. There is a major gap between men and women’s sports. The women’s soccer team brings home an average of fifteen million, unlike the men’s who bring home an average of three hundred and fifty-eight million. Tulsi Patel (Des Plaines) once stated, “ Don’t get me wrong, but paying an athlete 13.5 million for a single year is overpriced. There are doctors who do not make anything close to that and they save lives.” An average hard working person can miss a couple days a month because of injury or being sick and risk being fired, but these athletes can go on a two week vacation and get paid for it. It is otherwise known as the fifteen day disabled list. The last average annual income for 2014 was 46,481.52; compared to the annual income for professional basketball players, which is anywhere from 700,000 to 20 million.
Professional sports are a waste of taxpayers money. In the King of Sports: Football’s Impact on America. Greg Easterbrook writes that public dollars have covered about “eighty-seven percent of the total capital cost of NFL stadia.” This includes the team’s
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Playing extreme physical sports, like football, can cause major injury. This not only includes the body, but the brain as well. Brain injury is very common. Brain injury can lead to mental illness and physical illness. Brain injury is caused by concussions. Each time a football player gets hit they receive the equivalent of a thirteen pound bowling ball going twenty miles per hour at their body, and head. Not only is this dangerous to the player, but also to the family. The meaning is the concussions have lead to chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, which has been linked to suicides of these victims. For example, in 2005, Terry long who played as an offensive lineman in the 80’s and 90’s committed suicide by drinking antifreeze. He was forty-five, that’s barely old enough to have a midlife crisis. Another person that concussions affected is a man name Jovan Belcher. He was Linebacker for the Kansas City Chiefs, from 2009 to 2012. On December 1st, Belcher shot and killed his girlfriend infront of her mother, then shortly after committed suicide. The next time you or your family members say they want to become a professional ball player, think to yourself, “ Is this really worth risking my life, or the feelings of someone I

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