Are Cell Phones Dangerous Essay

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Are Cell Phones Dangerous?
You are driving down the highway and you hear that familiar sound – you just received a phone call. You reach for your phone but it is not where you put it. You try to keep one eye on the road and search for your phone. Meanwhile, it is ringing like crazy. Finally, you find it only for it to stop ringing. Oh man, another missed call! You see it was your best friend and you decide to call them back. Once again, you try to keep one eye on the road while typing in the number. Does this sound familiar? Do you know someone like this?
Cellular phones today have been helpful to keep in touch with people and communicate with others when we are not around them. Sure, it is good to keep in touch when away from
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Cell phones pose many dangers because most users are not aware of the risks.
Most people talk or text while they drive, which can be very dangerous. It causes the driver to become distracted and can therefore lead to a wreck. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 16% of more than 34,000 fatal crashes are caused by a distracted driver (Pugh). Additionally, NHTSA estimates approximately 51% may have been caused by texting or driving (Pugh). A study by Virginia Tech’s Transportation Institute showed the risk of crashing was 2.8 times higher when dialing a cell phone while driving, and 1.3 times higher when talking on the phone (Pugh).
As soon as the phone rings, people typically answer it without thinking about what the consequences could be. People will start to become more focused on the conversation they are having, and lose concentration on the road, which could contribute to them running a stop light, a stop sign, rear end a car, etc. Each one of these examples can lead to major accidents. There could be excruciating injuries or even fatalities. Texting is a big cause of death for teens while they drive. Teenagers think that the conversation they are having while texting someone is “more important” than focusing on the road. They do not want to take the time to put their conversation on hold for a little while so they can better focus on the

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