Essay about Appendix English Major Inventory

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Appendix A: English Major Inventory
1. What attracted you to become a student at UMUC? There are two reasons, the first is that all of my classes transferred from Prince George’s Community College and the second is that the cost is lower than UM. I also have received several scholarships such as the President’s scholarship, the transfer scholarship and in the fall of 2014 a scholarship from Phi Theta Kappa so my out of pocket costs for education when I have completed my Bachelor degree will be roughly $10,000 which is pretty good for seven years of academic study.
2. What attracted you to the ENGL major? There are several reasons why I chose the English major. My mother instilled in me is a love for reading and we used to go to the library frequently, I would check out several large books mostly horror and science fiction and they would be read before they were due. English as a school subject has always been enjoyable and frustrating; enjoyable as far as literature, but frustrating as far as learning grammar. I remember one teacher in particular in high school who taught grammar and his name was Mr. Tucker. Mr. Tucker was a teacher everyone hated because if you made a mistake on your paper you had to rewrite it; if you were talking when the bell rang he held you after until everyone was quiet. Everyone in the class used to say Tucker, Tucker the… (well, you get the idea). However, Mr. Tucker was also sympathetic to me because I had difficulty understanding the material.…

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