The Importance Of The United States Student Debt

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1.2 trillion dollars is the official amount of the U.S. student debt. To put it into perceptive, a trillion dollars alone could buy all of the United States professional sports leagues and still leave well over three-quarters of the fortune left. Currently, the average debt for a college graduate is topping off at over $33,000. Even the average household only owes $6,600 on their credit cards. found that just about $3,000 of student debt is accrued ever second. For a majority of future college students, these numbers seem frightening. College hopefuls should not be denied of a higher education due to the fear of becoming overwhelmed in student debt. U.S. government needs to make a college degree more attainable for students from all …show more content…
Though that may seem like a small number, this actually means nearly 347, 717 people are unemployed. That number is for just Texas alone. The national unemployment rate is 5.0%. That figures out to 7,939,000 people in the United States not having jobs. How is it a country that is held up to be one of the best in the world could have nearly 8 million unemployed citizens? Though a partial amount of unemployment is cause by people with disabilities, lack of motivation, or other responsibilities, the majority of unemployment is caused by people with the of a lack the higher education or skills necessary for the job. In fact, the U.S. Treasury found that the unemployment rate for people only obtaining a high school diploma is at a shocking 9.4%. This number is more than cut in half at 3.6% for those who obtained a Master’s degree. By having government fund more student’s educations they are enabling them to have a far greater chance to be able to find a stable and well-paying …show more content…
A beneficial value to having a degree is that many opportunities await if one does not work out. For example, having a degree in English can open the door to over 100 different career opportunities. Having a degree is like having a the upper-hand. In a job interview, someone with a higher education and degree is much more likely to get the job than the other candidates. Likewise, someone with a degree is also more likely to get paid more for the same job than for someone who does not.
Be that as it may, this is not saying that someone who doesn’t go to college cannot have a good and happy life. As a matter a fact, many successful people like Steve Jobs, Rachael Ray, and Bill Gates never got a college degree. Every person does not have to take the same path and go to college. For some, college is something that doesn’t interest nor benefit them in anyway. Instead, this is merely proving that if a budget surplus were to allow for college educations to be more attainable to students it would notably increase their chances at achieving a more fulfilled

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