Essay on Animal Testing Should Be Legal

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Throughout history, animal experimentation has proved to be crucial to the development of our society. Since as early as the 17th century, we see how animal testings have led to important discoveries such as the understanding of the blood circulation and the function of the lungs in Medieval Europe . And now, scientists are relying on chimpanzees in hopes to help create the Hepatitis C vaccine . Overall, I believe that the state’s policy on animal experiments, as it is covered in the Criminal Code of Canada sections 444-447 (Cruelty to Animals) , should stay as it is. We should also consider adopting Britain’s 1876 Animal Cruelty legislation since animal testing is not covered under the Canadian Criminal code, and the section protects animals from unnecessary suffering. By discussing the advantages of animal testing, as well as the disadvantages of not testing on animals, I hope to persuade and show you why animal testing should be supported and perhaps even regulated amongst scientific research.

DNA Compatibility
It is a common misconception that mice, rats, and dogs are not similar to a person and therefore not appropriate or reliable models for human beings since we aren’t rodents or animals . However, Chimpanzees actually contain 99% of the same DNA as humans while mice contain 98% . Regardless of our DNA structure, all mammals have the same set of organs as humans and so they are just as vulnerable to many of the same diseases and illnesses we have . This proves to us…

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