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Title: Paws for a Cause

Animal testing is defined by as the use of non-human animals in research and development projects, esp. for purposes of determining the safety of substances such as foods or drugs. In my personal opinion, animal testing is not required for the majority, if not all, tests and research studies that occur today. Animal testing is done to test perfumes, cosmetics, shampoos, and other non-essential items/products. Most animal testing is not done in the name of understanding science or testing drugs in preparation for human trials. It is being done for the purpose of product testing. In many cases, the effects of the individual ingredients are already known. In Britain itself, it has been estimated that nearly
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With today’s technology experiments and drug treatment can be done on the diseased cells and viruses themselves. There are also many humane alternatives to animal testing. The three “R’s” of animal experiments in labs are known as refine, reduce, and replace. Total replacement stands for the complete elimination of animals by using cells, microbes, and tissues, as well as computerized databases and mathematical diagrams. (“Fear of Phenolphthalein?”)
I believe a good start for social change would be to start defining what veterinary proper care is- ensuring that animals are treated humanely and with respect. Then we can begin socializing and exploring alternative testing solutions and methods like computer modeling with the goal of reducing the number and type of drug trials and various other things that require animal testing to be done. A change will definitely need to occur with the laws as well. Currently the FDA requires animal testing prior to human trials. Certainly we can use human genetic tissue to test results without using
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I used this resource because it discusses the choices of alternatives to animal testing and ethical reasons. I used this journal because it consisted of a lot of very useful facts to include in my paper. Another reason why I chose this source is because I personally agree with everything that is stated in the journal, it talks about the unethical side of animal testing and why it is morally wrong. It also addressed the statement used by many who are for animal testing which is that no gain will be made if we stop testing on animals but that has been proven to be false. This journal discusses that most of the experiments done on animals in labs are done out of pure curiosity and not because of any actual merit. Both authors of the journal are professors at Santa Clara. This information is older than my other resources, however it is still relevant information that is viable to be used in my paper. This peer review journal discussed the torturous events animals go through and suffer on a daily basis in

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