Animal Testing Essay

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Using helpless animals for the benefit of human beings goes back thousands of years. A common theme has been present: the use of these animals has been necessary for survival. Of late, these essential sacrifices have metamorphosed into yield-less speculations. Animal testing is wrong based on these premises: there are available alternatives to direct testing on live animals, the results acquired rom the tests are inaccurate and repetitive, and ultimately it is speciesism, which is comparable to racism and sexism. Today’s society has progressed in other aspects, it is time for in-obligatory animal testing to be abolished. Cruelty to animals is inexcusable, avoidable and thoroughly repelling.

In the past, humans have tested on animals
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Some examples of the damages caused are deformed infants, cancer, infections, and a weakened immune system. Overall, animal testing should not be ruled as an effective method for determining the effects of a drug on human beings, and therefore it is further unnecessary. Humans have demonstrated that when given power over another species, it is frequently abused and therefore should not be granted.

It is considered as general knowledge that animal testing is the cheapest, easiest form for helping the human race progress. The idea that animal testing is for the better of the human race and the bets possible option is however, also wrong. The general knowledge should be shifted to include ideas about synthetic cells, and how animal tests are inaccurate. Once human are able to see that previously accepted forms need to also progress with society, science will also be able to advance to be able to further help humans.

While the presentation of physical facts, come the other side of overwhelming moral justices. Ultimately, animal testing has been viewed as speciesism. Speciesism has been defined as the prejudice or attitude of bias towards the interests of one’s own species, as defined by Peter Singer in Contemporary Moral Problems (1994). The idea is that all animals are equal, and human beings are animals too. Speciesism is comparable to racism and sexism, which is regarded as wrong in

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