Argumentative Essay On The Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

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Arthur Boucher
Mrs. Hoffman
English Composition
November 5, 2017
Differing Diets
The terms vegetarian and vegan are often confused and used in the place of one another even though they differ in definition. While vegetarian and vegan diets can be a matter of personal choice they can also be adopted for health reasons. They both have their own set of motives and benefits, but can be damaging to your body if done incorrectly. One should proceed into a plant-based diet cautiously and with consultation with your healthcare professional.
The first diet to go under the microscope will be vegetarianism. Most people think of all vegetarians as the lacto-ovo-vegetarian variety, which means they do not eat meat, but will still eat eggs, dairy, and animal biproducts. However, as every individual that identifies as a vegetarian is different there are slight variations and in what they will and will not eat, as well as the reasoning for choosing their specific diet.
A vegetarian that still eats eggs, but chooses to not eat or drink dairy products due to personal preference or health issues like lactose-intolerance are known as an ovo-vegetarian. Vegetarians that don’t like the idea of eating eggs, but will still eat and drink dairy products are
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