Ethics Of Animal Research Essay

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Discuss the issues surrounding the ethics of human and/or animal research

The broadening of people 's understanding of biology and psychology in the past centuries, has not resulted in a full comprehension of what animals feel or think, although the majority of findings in these scientific fields were based on animal models.

Notwithstanding the fact that there is a lack of information on the subject of similarity of the mental experiences of animals used in research, excuses for neglect and ill-treatment of laboratory animals should not be made. One of the fundamental notions is that the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, and replacement, based on the work of William Russell and Rex Burch (Russell and Burch, 1959)) need to be implemented in all
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Bhattacharya et. al. (2011) implies that animal research has its limitations which may be overcome with the implementation of computer technologies, yet, Winston (2007) depicts animal research as the most reliable and informative. However, Winston (2007) does not explain what makes the animal models irreplaceable by tissue cultures or by in silico stimulations –-he restricts his evidence to historical examples of success stories in animal research. Although animals can be used as a convenient source of physiological, genetic or other biological data, computational tools may also prove their usefulness. Mathematical models are advantageous in simulations of complex molecular interactions, also they may be useful in predicting the outcomes of experiments, which may result in a decrease in financial expenditures for unnecessary research (Friedman A, 2010). Yet, a serious disadvantage of computational tools is that validity is limited by the quantity and quality of data from previous biological …show more content…
These unnatural living conditions also increase the susceptibility of animals to certain illnesses. Joy Mench 's study (1998) has a direct bearing on the subject of animal testing, because it sheds light on the matter of the validity of experimental data. Future improvements on animal husbandry might be made in order to meet animals ' needs for higher quality and quantity of external

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