Essay on Animal Farm: a Review

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Animal Farm
Written by: George Orwell
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Animal Farm is a satirical novella written by George Orwell and was first published by Secker and Warburg and copyrighted 1945 in London. It has 112 pages.

The Author
George Orwell is an English writer famous for his book Nineteen Eighty-Four and Animal Farm. Born as Eric Arthur Blair, Orwell was a political writer and journalist who became popular for his allegorical approach to totalitarianism and inequality. His work has continued to influenced our culture today with the terms, Orwellian –an adjective that describes an idea or situation deemed as damaging to a open and free society.

The novella opens with an introduction to Manor Farm owned by Mr Jones drunkenly
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However, there was a case of the milk disappearing mysteriously.

The pigs were the most intelligent of all the animals, so they hold debates for the other animals and eventually established a study-room for themselves. One of these pigs, Snowball, decided to campaign for economic improvement in the farm. Napoleon, on the other hand, decided to oppose everything Snowball did. Unlike the pigs, not every animal was as clever to memorize the Commandments, so Snowball decided to reduce them into one thought: Four legs good, two legs bad. This did it for the sheep since they kept chanting this at meetings.

The difference between Snowball and Napoleon was that the former believed in educating the animals. He would form Animal Committees, Egg Production Committees for the hens, Clean Tails League for the cows, Wild Comrade’s Re-education Committee for the rats and rabbits, and many others for reading and writing. The last one was a success that by autumn, almost every animal was literate to some degree. His main goal was to build a windmill. The latter confiscates nine new-born puppies to ‘educate’ privately in a secluded loft.

By late summer, word of the Rebellion reaches half-across England and Mr Jones, with other farmers unsuccessfully recapture Animal Farm. After this, the tension was still palpable between Snowball and Napoleon, especially when it came to the windmill. Eventually, Napoleon’s army of dogs

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