Animal Experimentation

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Animal Experimentation
The used of animal in scientific and medical experiments has been many years from the past and each year 17 to 22 million animals were utilized worldwide. (Source) Animal experimentation defined that animal testing was used to introduce biology lessons, medical training, cosmetics testing, to find new drugs, chemical, and food. The scientists have to do the experiment on animal to see those drugs, and foods are safe for the human or not. In the other hand, the majority of people want to ban the animal experimentation because they believe it’s cruelty, inhumanity, and suffering the animals. However, they are blind to see that the use of animal testing is essential because it saves people life and help animals.
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The drugs that people received is use in animals, so those disease won’t spread to people. The CBRA reveal that more than 80 drugs and immunizations produced for people are currently used to treat creatures. Creature testing has assisted create numerous creature immunizations to battle ailment. For example, rabies and distemper in canines and felines, cat leukemia, irresistible hepatitis infection, lockjaw, and has helped with the advancement of medicines for heartworm. Moreover, creature inquire about has protected almost wiped out species, for example, the California condor and the tamarins of Brazil because of new regenerative systems being connected to imperiled species.(2 CBRA). This substantiated enough of that animal testing is necessary since it can defend people and animal. As well as prevent the extinction of animals, so we have to think twice if we want to terminate animal testing because human population are keep increasing, and as well as the animals and disease. One of the examples of 80 drugs helping to treat animals was inhaler. Humans and animals are containing similar medical problems such as flu or asthma, the treatment that we receive also helpful to the animals. In the mental floss article stated, “Vets estimate that as many 800,000 American cats suffer from asthma. Cat owners can use inhalers similar to those used with babies to help their cats breathe more …show more content…
Although people willing to volunteer to testing on themselves, there will be insufficient for the scientists to study in the lab because the used of animals were more than millions annually. Moreover, most people want to live although they have diseases or organs systems problems. That is why most of the people who had diseases were fighting to stay alive and waiting for other people to donate their organs. Opponent try to argue of animal testing is replaceable with human bloods or tissue. However in this CBRA fact sheet stated, “Some diseases and health problems involve processes that can only be studied in living organisms. (2)” Moreover, human are similar to animals, so they are suitable for research subjects. The DNA of chimpanzees is 99% compared with people, while the hereditary qualities of mice are 98% comparable. Human and animals are likewise organically comparable, having a similar arrangement of organs, circulatory system and focal sensory system, which is the reason they are influenced with similar illnesses and well being conditions. (2) Not to be insensitive but for the good of human, we don’t have to risk human life while we can take

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