Analysis Of Three Friends : A Story Essay

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Three Friends: A Story In 1913, being a Jew in Berlin was relatively accepted. Unlike previous years, a Jewish-German symbiosis had emerged and a unique new culture began.
When they were younger, Rachel would meet Mark and Frank on Friday nights in the synagogue while their parents discussed politics and religion. As a child, Rachel was brought up in a strict family that adhered to their Jewish history and identity. She wasn 't a typical 18 year old teenager. She was not wealthy and did not care for her appearance, yet her personality alone was captivating. She had a wit to her that people all ages would stop and listen just to hear her opinion. Frank and Mark, on the other hand, were brothers of a wealthy Jewish family. Frank, a 16 year old, was swayed easily by popular opinion and found it arduous to understand the true meaning behind Judaism. His brother, Mark, was 18 years old and opinionated similarly to Rachel. However, Mark and Rachel often found themselves colliding with their opinions. As they grew up, their friendship was divided due to the difference in their opinions on Judaism differed. When they hung out, Rachel constantly tried to sway the brothers’ opinions by telling stories about her great grandma’s hardships.
Rachel recalled, “It is sickening imagining the way Jews used to be treated. Years ago, they could not receive an education and were banned from living in certain cities. My great grandparents could not find jobs and struggled daily against anti-…

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