Relationship Between Friendship And Friendship

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From the past to the present, it seems like everyone needs friends. Up to the president, down to the tramp, no one can live without friends. And during the connection between people, there is an unique feeling, which we called friendship. The peculiarity of friendship is that it can go beyond blood, geography, and crossing nationalities. We share our happiness and sadness with friends, study together, do sports together. In fact, most often, we start to know someone because we have similar hobbies and interests, like football, movies, even enjoy the same brand cigarettes. Without relatives around, friends are our families. In your sadness time, friends will give you comfort and support; when you feel disappointed, friends will
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In the conversation between Alexander and interviewer, he revealed how his friends helped and supported him when he lost his father. He also told us a story about an unsuccessful friendship. In these two interviews, both Louise and Alexander showed some similar opinions about friendship, for example, friendship crossing gender, friend is second family and so on.
In this paper, I will discuss the relationship between friendship and socializing, and support between friends, by IPA analysing the conversation of interviewee Alexander and Louise. Also I will use references to support my statements, and reveals the importance of friendship in our lives.

Result Section
Friendship needs careful management
This theme concerns the management of friendship. Both Louise and Alexander take the following measures to manage their friendship carefully. The IPA analysis revealed three subthemes including:
1) socializing and friendship
2) support between friends

Socializing and
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S. , 1986). In our normal life, friendship plays an extraordinary important role. Because of it, we have a colourful and wonderful life. From the conversation between interviewer and Louise and Alexander, we can find that the tips for managing friendship is not only doing good socializing, but also need to support your friend, be their powerful backing. In Ye’s paper, ‘All about friendship’, he said, everyone has his own personality, so maybe you can be his friend, but not her.(Ye, 2012) So it is important to know that people should find their friends based on their similar, or even same interests and personality. As Louise mentioned in the conversation, ‘cause we both smoke you see so that was our little bonding thing’. At the same time, Ye also present an idea about complementary of personality between friends. For example, if a person has hot temper, then having a patient friend is a good choice for him; if someone is easy to be pessimistic and gloomy, then he definitely needs an optimism to be his friend, to let him know a better and positive life. Of course, managing friendship is not only to have same hobbies or doing same things, the more important thing is to support each other. In , Hughes and Thomas mentioned that friends can give us two significant support in the nick of time: practical support and psychological support. Practical support includes specific items, such as money, food, and

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