Analysis Of The Story ' Kamaria 's Journey ' Essay

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Kamaria’s Journey

It was May 15,1923 in Manhattan,New York, when I was walking home from school with my bestfriends. We all live on the same block, where everyone knows each other.

“So,” Alexia said looking slyly at me, “are you going to sign up for the contest?”

My friends looked at me impatiently waiting for an answer. “ Maybe.” I said walking slightly faster to avoid more questioning.

“ What do you mean ‘maybe’, girl you have to best voice around. I don’t see why you so hesitant about this, you should go for it.” Nicki replied giving me a curious face.

“ You guys know my mom, she wont let me do anything anyway.” I stated as we crossed the street, waving to Mr. Johnson from church.

Alexia looked at me with pity and with a sigh said, “ You know she’s just trying to protect you.

“But seriously you are turning 18 in a couple of months, she should loosen up.”

Taking a deep breath, I turned to them and sternly replied, “ Listen guys it’s not going to happen, so just stop.”

With that being said we walked in silence for a while when Nicki said, “ Kam, you know we only want the best for you. We know that you can go so far in life and just want to see one of us make it out of here.” Looking down thoughtfully at what she said, I continued walking wondering if it was really worth it to face the wrath of my mom again.



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