Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Vicks Nyquil '

793 Words Nov 3rd, 2014 4 Pages
Vicks Nyquil There is only one job in the world that demands your constant attention at all times; it’s being a parent. This was a powerful commercial by the advertisers to reach their target audience by forming a connection with the viewers, defying the sexist culture, and clever slogans that appeal to the audience. As the commercial begins, we only see “the father” talking to a person name “Dave”. The viewer is kept in suspense to whether who this “Dave” is. As soon as the audience was given hints, like the phone ring in the background or the character asking for a “sick day”, the viewer immediately begins to guess who “Dave” is. Is he the employer or a fellow colleague he has to talk to get the day off? The director takes this action to build anticipation in the audience. This guessing game keeps the viewers engaged in the commercial until end. As the commercial progresses, the camera turns towards “Dave”, and everyone realizes that “Dave” is a baby. The father was asking his crib-ridden son for a day off. This acted as a comic relief that the viewer enjoyed with a smile on their face, which would carry along with the rest of the commercial. The advertisers tapped into the emotions of the viewers by including an amusing scene because it created a positive response towards the product by relation it with joy and humor. Finally, towards the conclusion of the ad, the viewer knows how ridiculous it is for fathers to take a day off from doing their fatherly duties.…

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