Analysis Of The Movie ' The Love Affair ' Essay

1240 Words Apr 7th, 2016 null Page
On November 22,1963 the United States took a major toll in history. President Kennedy was assassinated around 12:30 pm while driving around in an open open hooded convertible in Texas. The culprit was none other than a U.S. Marines man named Lee Oswald, but this is not the story told by the video called The Men Who Killed Kennedy. This movie is split into various parts, and the part I have recently watched was called “ The Love Affair”. This segment of the documentary was told from the side of a woman named Judy Baker. According to her Oswald played a role in the assassination, but not the role the United States government has assigned him. He was trying to protect President Kennedy. That Oswald was the scapegoat. He was blamed for an act he did not commit. I believe her. I believe the government and the people who truly committed this heinous act just needed a person to get rid of and blame for the assassination, and Lee Oswald fit the bill. At the time the government was already trying to kill off Castro with a developed Cancer. With Castro and President Kennedy out of the way the United States could rightfully use and be placed in Cuba. The government wanted people out of their way to use Cuba, they were already using test subjects, from the jails, to test this vicious cancer virus on; so who says they will stop there, and after everything was said and done Oswald and Jenny were bluntly told many times they were disposable. Who better to take the fall for an…

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