Jfk Lord Of The Flies Film Analysis

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The book, Lord of the Flies, and the film, JFK, are very similar even though it seems like they are totally different topics.The “bigguns” treat and see the “littluns” as unimportant and clueless and it is dangerous to the society, the masses of society should care and they should matter because they all seem to be ignorant when they aren’t and therefore they shouldn 't be unimportant.
The attitudes of those who hold the higher power have different ways of treating the masses of society. The people who hold the higher power tend to overuse it and take advantage of what they can do without realizing the damage they can do. An example of how people react when they finally have some power, such as being a part of the government, is “Some
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It is dangerous because everything that the government does affects every single individual. An example of this is how ralph decides that hunting is a bigger priority than being saved, this affected the littluns greatly because now they thought that killing was better than being saved as well. An example from the JFK film is how all the high powers combined together and decided to assassinate JFK, they thought of themselves and didn’t care at all about how it would affect the masses of society. Another reason why the way the government views us is dangerous is because they don’t care about society and they would do anything for themselves no matter what it takes. An example of this is in the JFK film when Garrison is getting closer to the truth and finding suspects to testify and then they all start to suspiciously die before then can even testify. This is bad because it proves to everyone that they are willing to do anything just to get what they want. In the Jail experiment the guards are willing to leave someone locked in a little room for days just because he wasn’t letting them open his cell door. This proves that people do take advantage of power especially because the guards were never trained to actually be gaurds, they just did whatever they wanted. In lord of the flies it was most dangerous how the bigguns treated the littluns when jack was gaining more power than …show more content…
People should care on how their society is run because for one they live in it and it affects them greatly. In Lord of the Flies it is clear that the littluns show apathy on how Jack or Ralph run things, they just go with the flow. Going with the flow instead of speaking up and trying to change things can cause many outcomes. For example, in the JFK film many victims that witnessed the shooting decided not testify against the government and the interrogator lost the case. This quote proves that the people just go along with things without asking questions “They obeyed the summons of the conch, partly because Ralph blew it, and he was big enough to be a link with the adult world of authority; and partly because they enjoyed the entertainment of the assemblies.” (pg. 59). Another reason why people should care is because if they start to care then they start to pay attention to politics and then after that they become smarter on the topic and have a chance to get into that career and even be part of the government and try to change it. In the stanford jail experiment one person came in around three days into the experiment and he knew that everything they were doing was wrong so he tried speaking out. Everything is worth a try if you’re trying to do the right thing, in this case help

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