Gulliver's Travels Social Classes Essay

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Gulliver’s Travels, written by Jonathan Swift, is a satirical novel that takes the reader on a journey to various places. Swift was born in Dublin, but was raised in England by his wealthy uncle. He became particularly interested in politics and found himself satirizing the government, which is what he became well-known for. Many believe he took issues that were residing in England as inspiration when writing his novels. In this novel, Swift explores social classes by using different sized people to show how power causes people to treat others. In part I of Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver finds himself on an island after his ship wrecked during a severe storm. The inhabitants of the island, the Lilliputians, initially attack him with “an hundred …show more content…
People will often use their power to sabotage those who do not hold as much power as they do; thus, leading to a conflict between social classes. Higher classes known they are able to do almost anything they want, given the situation, while lower classes are not able to do the same. However rather than being disrespectful, some people of the high class use their status to help those in need such as how Gulliver did for the emperor. In part II of the novel, the size comparison between the Brobdingnagians and Gulliver is significantly different than the Lilliputians. The inhabitants are much larger than Gulliver and he is treated as such. The Brobdingnagians see him as an object and show him off to the entire town. His master would “suffer only thirty people at a time” to see him look and ask him questions (110). The master uses his physical power to take control of Gulliver and shows no respect towards …show more content…
Anybody who has complete power to fix a situation should do so rather than not recognizing the issue at hand. The king does not feel as if he should deal with miniscule issues although that is what leaders are compelled to do.
In today’s society, we see this issue right in front of our faces. Leaders are supposed to do the correct thing rather than cause larger issues but because they have all the power in their hands, they feel as if nobody’s feelings are important and they can do whatever they please. People of higher power are supposed to help their people in need but they abuse their power and often do not see this.
There are many issues in England that Jonathan Swift explores and satirizes in Gulliver’s Travels. One of the most relevant issues he expands on is social class and the power that goes along with it. Swift uses various size differences to show how power, both mental and physical, can impact the way others are

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