Analysis Of The Movie ' Prayer For Bobby ' Essay

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Homosexuality in the past was looked as deviant to the majority of society. There have been some changes toward people 's views about homosexuals, but still today, there are some individuals who believe it is a perversion and an abomination. The movie, Prayer for Bobby, recaps on how the power of religious belief influences how people understand and conduct their lives, especially how it influenced Bobby Griffith 's and his family 's life. I will discuss the three most important topics in the movie, describe how society has contributed to those issues, and discuss what can be done to alleviate or eliminate those issues.

The first important topic of the movie, Prayer for Bobby, shows the intolerance religion has toward homosexuality. How religion teaches individuals how to think about homosexuals and how it is a sin in the eyes of God from their interpretation of the bible. Without allowing to see homosexuality any other way than a sin, the people who follow this type of religion lets it have power over them and believe it to be the only truth. Bobby 's mother, Mary Griffith, a devoted Christian, did not want to accept or believe her son was gay. She confided in her religion and believed God would "cure" him. No matter how hard Bobby tried to inform her, being gay was not a choice, she was still intolerant and did not believe him because of what she was taught from her religion and society. The majority had power over the minority. Bobby 's homosexuality was not accepted…

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