Character Analysis: The Inevitable Defeat Of Mister And Moore

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This is a hard question to answer. There are so many ways to answer it, but the answer will vary from person to person. In the end, it comes down to the person the experiencing the situation.
The person can be in a bad situation, but their approach to that situation determines how it can all play out. For example, in The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete, he was being raised by a heroine addict of a mother. After the mother was arrested, Mister took it upon himself to try and take care of both himself and Pete. Even though they were growing up in an area that was populated by drug dealers and their users, Mister wanted to make a better name for himself. He tried to help his mother by trying to convince her to stop, but when she would not,
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Predicaments did not allow them to get out of the neighborhood though. These boys grew up in a neighborhood full of drugs, homicides and guns yet one man ends up free, and the other ends up with a life sentence in prison. Wes’ mother made the decision to put her son in military school after a series of incidents in school. Joy made connections within her family to help get her son’s school paid for, while Mary on the other hand, lost her pell grant to try continuing her college education. Mary had to take a full time job to try earning the money to provide money for her family. The mothers tried to set an example that they wanted their sons to follow, but the path they choose to take is up to them. Other people 's decisions can affect what happens to us, but how we react to that or how we choose to move forward, shows our character. As we grow up, we face many obstacles that can affect where we end up in life. And while others decisions can affect what happens to us, we choose the direction we want to follow. With the right mindset and determination, we can reach any destination we set our minds …show more content…
My sister and I are almost complete opposites of eachother. We are separated by a couple of years and both grew up in a single parent home in an area of Tampa that does not have a good reputation. We both started school in a magnet elementary school, but we both approached our academics differently. When it grew time for us to go to middle school, I continued in magnet schools while my sister went into public school. Both of our schools were in bad neighborhoods but that does not mean the people that go to our schools are necessarily bad people. I found that surrounding yourself with individuals that encourage you to live up to your full potential and chase your far out dreams are the people that help you grow and learn. Growing up in a bad environment does not define who we are. There are countless stories of people who came out of these cities who went on to make a good name for themselves. But we need to decide what is right or wrong, what will make us happy, and what we want to get out of our

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