Personal Narrative: Not So Serine Anymore

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Not So Serine Anymore
Growing up on a street called Serenity Court, everything was so serene. I lived in a house on a big hill so we would never play basketball because someone would always end up chasing it down the hill. I was one of the boys growing up, as my dad would say. Every day, we would get home from school me and my three neighbors across the street would all get together and play. We would have lemonade stands, go swimming, or just chase each other around in our yards. It was like a picture-perfect group of six-year-olds just messing around with each other, pushing each other down. We were best friends for years from the age of two to middle school until they began to move away.
One neighbor of mine moved out of the state and
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She asked if we could check on her husband and Scotts dad, Dave. She began to say that he was complaining of chest pains but wouldn’t take himself to the hospital. We told her we were at dinner but will check on him once we get home. She called our other neighbors but no one was home to see if he was ok. Dave was a volunteer firefighter and knew how to keep himself alive with oxygen. Michelle got home and got him in the car to take him to the hospital. Down the street, stopped at a red-light Dave died of a heart attack. Michelle continued to take him to the hospital where he arrived dead and there was no hope. Scott was out at a friend’s house and didn’t tell him until the next day. Knowing that I knew his father passed away while he was having fun at a friend’s house killed me inside. The next day he came home and Michelle had a therapist there waiting to break the devastating news. He was a mess, he locked himself in his room and the only person he would let in was me. After a couple of weeks everything got a little better, things began to settle down but it just wasn’t the same. Not seeing him outside washing his car or playing with Scott, was just so odd. Over time things began to settle down, believe me, it was all still so weird but it started to feel more normal on our …show more content…
She drove into the neighborhood, parked her car in the culdesac cut all her hair off and put a straw hat on to disguise herself. Once the news spread, people were mortified. Her reasoning behind it was that he broke their divorce plan and she just snapped. He secretly got married and sold the house moving into a new house before the kids graduated. He and his new wife and both of their families were moving into a new, huge house just a few neighborhoods down. Their mother was the sweetest lady, she would do anything for anyone. She loved photography, baking and you would always see her outside gardening. She had one hate and that was her husband, she wanted to hurt no one but him. Kids were outside playing and saw this tragic event happening and ever since this afternoon something has just felt off on serenity court. The once so serine street that I grew up on playing with my friends and riding my bike around the culdesac is now a not so serine place due to these tragic incidents. It had made people move away as well as not wanting to live in the house this once happened in. Knowing now that a fun-loving family I was once so close with is now a tragic depiction of a broken family. The twins are having to grow up with no father and a mother locked up in jail for the rest of her life. They have lost all contact with the mother and have now been adopted

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