Analysis Of The Documentary ' Gunned Down The Power Of The N.r '

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Throughout civilization’s history there have been a diverse number of weapons designed to inflict physical and psychological harm with the ultimate goal of implementing its use for personal protection or conquest. Consequently as the utilization and acquisition of innovative weapons becomes less complex, the controversial recognition among society associated with innovative weaponry’s unsafety continues to ascend. Such is the case in the United States, the utilization and improper allocation of firearms has gone through intense scrutiny in recent years due to the growing insecurity these firearms supposedly represent for the American public. The documentary Gunned Down-The Power of the N.R.A. conveys a passionate message from two interest groups battling for the most effective and beneficial resolution for the safety of the American people.
The documentary commences by placing the spotlight on past tragedies that garnered national attention, such as the Columbine High School and Sandy Hook Elementary tragedies, which resulted in the death of thirteen and twenty-six people respectively. Properly labeled massacres, which resulted in the senseless and tragic demise of numerous school children, teenagers, and adults, caused by disturbed individuals utilizing firearms in an uncontrollable rampage. The focal point of these tragedies transitions from the culprits that pulled the triggers to the firearms themselves, which initiates a ferocious debate on implementing tougher firearm…

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