Analysis Of Gary Wills '' Our Moloch'

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Gary Wills’ “Our Moloch” is a contentious and aggressive article that provides an interesting and unique opinion on the issue of guns in America. It is proposed that the gun itself functions like a god within American culture, and is unquestionable. According to the article, the great god Gun is worshipped like the God of Law/Order, Patriotism, or one of Free Market in today’s society. The most significant point of this essay is Wills’ exaggerated difference between America’s love towards guns and the devotion of the god Moloch. In particular, Wills’ diction at times seems to be too smart and more sophisticated rather than actually considering how much it can affect members of a society when individuals have the advantage to use those weapons. In my perspective, the two most specific aspects that are examples of Wills’ overly sophisticated writing include when he refers to the gun as being an “object of reverence” and when he suggests the gun “guarantees life and safety and freedom” (par. 3).

Our Moloch” refers to the ancient Canaanite god whose devotion encompassed the sacrifice of children. A sign, indicating we are living in a “deeply
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Throughout this article, Wills compares America’s dependency towards guns to the worship of the idol Moloch to which individuals sacrifice their children. He is able to blame our worshiping and the influence it has on us as individuals as we order our lives around that prayer. Wills concludes his thoughts by demonstrating guns “destroy the reasoning process” (par. 6), delivers our leaders helpless before its demands, and corrupts our reading of spiritual documents. Although gun control measures in America want to protect law-abiding citizens, they are unsuccessful in carefully identifying and avoiding high-risk individuals in possessing and using guns. Thus, these gun control measures have a risk of placing a negative effect on gun crimes in

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