Gun Rights And Gun Control

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Annotated Bibliography
Arnold, Grant. "Arming The Good Guys: School Zones And The Second Amendment." Brigham Young University Education & Law Journal 2 (2015): 481-506. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.
Arnold explains the need for firearms to be allowed in schools. He begins the article by talking about the history of the second amendment and the different trials it has gone through to be proven to the people. Then, he talks about the mass school shootings that have taken place in gun-free school zones. He finishes by stating that the only way to lower the number of mass shootings in schools is to make the schools less vulnerable and the way to do that is by deterring the “cowards” who commit the crimes by arming the schools.
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It has taught me that the Gun Control movement is not the only movement trying to make a public change and that the Gun Rights movement is not only trying to protect their second amendment right.

Braman, Donald, and Dan M. Kahan. "Overcoming the Fear of Guns, the Fear of Gun Control, and the Fear of Cultural Politics: Constructing a Better Gun Debate." Emory Law Journal 55.4 (2006): 569-607. Academic Search Premier. Web. 26 Apr. 2016.
Braman discusses the reasons the Gun Control debate cannot come to a close and the two movements involved are so polarized. He states that the Debate has become more of a cultural debate and has lost sight of the true reason that the controversy began; the desire to lower the number of deaths and crime involving firearms. In conclusion, he says that the only way to bring this debate to a close is to bring new knowledge to the table and step away from the cultural beliefs and misconceptions of the
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The surveyors conducting this survey asked whether individuals owned a gun or someone else in the house did, how comfortable they felt with a gun in the house, if they supported gun control, their political affiliation, and views on states ignoring federal gun laws. Pew Research Center took the information that they gained from the 1504 individuals that participated in this national survey and compared it to the percentages that they received in a survey conducted in 1999 to see if views are changing.
Although this information is three years old, it could still benefit individuals that want to see the ideas of non-gun owners as well as gun owners. The information is neither biased nor written in a manner that is hard to understand. Therefore, this paper would be beneficial to any individual trying to better understand the ideas behind gun control, why individuals have guns, the political affiliations behind gun control, and the amount of support behind gun control

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