Analysis Of The County Of Hampton County Sheriff 's Office Essay

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On November 23, 2015, I, Cpl. Lessane, along with Deputy Singleton and Deputy Ayer, with the Hampton County Sheriff 's Office, responded to 3145 Scotia Furman Highway, in the county of Hampton, in reference to a male subject stalking a female subject. Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with the complainant, Buddy Mock, who stated male subject, William Blocker, was passed out in the wooden area of his residence intoxicated; refusing to leave his property after several requests. Deputies gathered the pertinent information needed to complete this report.


Mr. Mock stated Mr. Blocker was passed out in the wooden area of his residence intoxicated. Mr. Mock stated he asked Mr. Blocker several times to leave his residence since 4:00 AM on the above incident date. Mr. Mock then stated Mr. Blocker got into a verbal altercation with his daughter earlier the above incident date. He advised Mr. Blocker was stalking and harassing his daughter for a period of time now. He then stated a struggle occurred inside of the residence with the male subject and his daughter. He further stated Mr. Blocker was parked down the road, sitting in his vehicle in a cut for an unknown period of time. He continued to state he allowed Mr. Blocker to stay with him approximately 7 days due to him being homeless. Mr. Mock advised deputies Mr. Blocker did not have any personal belongings in the residence.


Mr. Blocker…

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