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Tim Green
Tim Green is a New York times bestselling author. He enjoys to spend time with his family of five children and his wife Tessa. He also speaks at school around the Nation, speaking about books and writing! He loves to coach and play football, too! He writes, reads and loves to explore new places. He writes the books, “Rivals”, “Deep Zone”, “Force Out”, “New Kid’, “Unstoppable”, “Baseball Great”, and “Best of the Best”. All great books to read for the younger readers! It shows dedication, and determination, everything that is important in a younger kids’ life.
Tim Green started to play football as a kid, and he still writes and coaches the game! He loves the competition of football and the violence, he is also known to be a great
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Baseball great is about Josh, he has an amazing talent for the sport of baseball, he is even playing up two years older than he should be. Josh has all the talent in the world and the book series keeps on showing it! Tim Green loves to write about sports, and he has a passion for it. Rivals, another baseball great novel, is all about Josh and his team going to Cooperstown to play in the Nation little league tournament, Josh has to defeat some very challenging rivals. He shows how to be a leader, and if its hard to stand up, just keep trying, and trying. Determination is big in this book and is amazing! Tim Green’s book “Unstoppable” is such an incredible story, about Harrison and his life. Raised as a boy in a foster home used as a free worker for his family, he is treated horribly, but that won’t last for long, now that he has moved. His new family is loving and caring, his new Dad is a middle school football coach, and what a coincidence, that Harrison loves to watch and play the game of football. Learning, and playing football and getting new friends, is perfect for Harrison. All good luck has to run out at some point, and for Harrison, this couldn’t be worse, he has a hurt knee, and has to go to the hospital, but it isn’t just a hurt knee. He has bone cancer, he has to fight through chemotherapy. He may lose a leg or two, but that won’t keep him and his soul off the football field. Harrison has the biggest heart ever, and nothing will stop him from doing something he loves. He fights and will keep fighting. Unstoppable is a great book, and is an amazing read for the younger generation. This book may seem sad, but it teaches you can’t quit or just give up. You have to keep fighting, and working harder and

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