Through My Eyes Book Report

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Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow is a name that is known not only throughout the SEC but the country. His autobiography Through My Eyes takes the reader behind the scenes step by step through his life. Tim’s parents were Bob and Pam Tebow. At the time of Tim’s birth, Tim’s parents were missionaries in Makati City in the Philippines. Tim’s mom had a difficult time with her pregnancy so much that doctors wanted her to have an abortion. Tim’s mom and dad refused and the family began to pray for him to be ok. Tim was born safely on August 14, 1987. Doctors called him a miracle baby. He grew up playing sports and loving God and family. He has become an important role model for young people across the world.
Tim grew up wanting to be like his older brothers. He wanted to play everything they did and was very competitive. He wanted to be the
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His first year at Florida, he was only a backup quarterback. He continued to work hard and became the starting quarterback for the Gators the next year and won many awards including the coveted Heisman Trophy. He lost some big games and took a lot of ridicule, but he beat the University of Alabama when it counted and won championships. Even though he was drafted by the Broncos, he ended up being traded to the New York Jets even after he played an amazing season and leading the Broncos to the playoffs. The Jets never really gave him a chance and released him. Tim became a sports commentator for the SEC Network. Every time Tim got a good chance something happened, but these things made him a better player and person.
The biggest challenge Tim Tebow has faced is his faith and how he freely shares it openly and honestly. He wore Bible verses on his eye paint every game. The media is always criticizing him about his faith. Everyone knows Tim is a Christian and his ability to continue strong through all the drama is

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