What Is The Theme Of Night Hoops

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I read the book “Night Hoops” by Carl Deuker. A boy named Nick Abbott is a high school basketball player that loves the sport. He is determined to be the best that he can in the sport and be on the varsity team. He gets in a fight with Trent Dawson, a trashy kid that has gotten into some bad stuff. He later starts to become really good friends with Trent and they start to practice together. The main plot of the book is how Trent and Nick get over their differences and become friends while the sport brings they together. There were parts of the book I liked and disliked but I also made some connections along the way. Overall I thought this book was good and one of the better books that I have read. It kept me interested enough that I wanted …show more content…
The main thing I didn't like was that it was about basketball. I didn't mind that it was about basketball but I think it was to much basketball. The author went really far into the games and it wasn't very entertaining. In some of the minor little games the author would explain every detail instead of telling how the game was affecting the characters. I didn't want to here about what happened to the ball I wanted to hear about the characters. For example in a passage that was talking about a game the author would talk about how they were rolling, passing, switching, and moving the ball. I would rather it say about a page about the game not three. Another thing I did not like about this book was that some of the characters were missing parts about them. Specifically the character Trent Dawson, even though he was a main part of the story he wasn't fully developed by the end. In the part where his brother calls him and tells him that Trent must come with him to hide we never find out where he was going. He could have gone anywhere but we never got to find out and I didn’t really like that. Also his brother Zach was to mysterious too. When the shooting took place we never found out where Zach went or what he was doing. It was aggravating when you build up so much anticipation and then you don’t have an end to finish it. Another thing I did not like about the book was how Scott wasn't a mentor to Nick. …show more content…
One of the connections I made was basketball. I used to play basketball in wreck but I grew bored of it and started to not like it. I was decent and people believed in me just like they did Nick. I also played point guard sometimes and that is what Nick played in the book. Another connection I made was that one of my family's friends have a son that really liked basketball. They decided that he need a place to play so at their old house they put in a basketball court and he became really good. In the book Nick's dad decides to put in a basketball court for his sons because they really enjoy basketball. In the end the basketball court helped them get really good and that's what happened to my family's friend. Another connection that I made was that parents got divorced. One of my friends parents got divorced a couple of years ago and it was a hard time for the family. In the book Nick's dad puts a basketball court in over his wife's garden even though she kept telling him that he couldn't so they got divorced. My friends parents got divorced so that is a connection I made. It was fairly easy to make connections in this book so it was easier to understand.
In conclusion of my thoughts on this book I believe that it was pretty good. Even though the part about basketball was aggravating and the characters had stuff missing it was still pretty good. I recommend that anyone who likes sports should read

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