Reflective Essay On Shatter Me

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The novel Shatter Me written by Tahereh Mafi is foremost one of the best books that I have ever read in my existence. This amazing novel was really unpredictable as everything happened like a rollercoaster ride. However, it did have some drops throughout the book that I did not find amusing. The three main things that I personally adored about this novel was the idea, characters, and writing style.

I really liked the idea of this novel as it was really eventful. It was quite similar to the Divergent and Hunger Game series. The reason why I say this is because when I read the book it reminded me of those two books, as it obtains a lot of journeys and a tea drop of action scenes within it. The idea of the book was amusing as it connects
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In the book, there were overall five extraordinary characters, but the main characters were Adam Kent, Juliette Ferrars, and Aaron Warner. However, the main protagonist is Juliette Ferrars. Each character played a significant role in the novel and if the characters were not present the book would have been really boring. Juliette Ferrars is a 17 year old girl that does not quite understand where she belongs as everyone accuses her as a “monster” because “she accidently killed a young boy while helping him”(Mafi,157). Juliette has superpowers which the society does not accept. The two superpowers that Juliette obtains are lethal touch and super strength. Therefore, Juliette is able to kill people by simply touching them and even has the ability to punch through concrete and steel. Juliette played an important role as she faced many adversities which caused twist and turns throughout the novel. Juliette developed many nicknames throughout the book and they are Psycho Chick, Hot Hands, Jazz Hands, Princess and J by her best friend Kenji. Juliette 's pet name from Warner is Sweetheart and My dear. Castle who is the leader of Omega Point calls her Ms.Ferrars. Adam Kent was the character that portrays the romance aspect of the story. Juliette and Adam have a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. Which makes the story even interesting as Juliette …show more content…
It was really different compared to many famous books like To Kill A Mockingbird, Harry Potter, Hunger Games and Divergent. Whereas in these books the narrator does not convey their inner thoughts, in the book Shatter Me, Juliette Ferrars, reveals many of her inner thoughts despite feeling uncomfortable. In addition, the writing style in the book contained many strikethroughs, both negative and positive that symbolized her inner thoughts. For instance, on the cover, it says “MY TOUCH IS LETHAL. MY TOUCH IS POWERFUL.” Through reading those two simple sentences, the reader is able to understand how Juliette actually feels about herself. I personally liked how the book contained strikethroughs because in real life everyone has inner thoughts which we do not quite say to the outside world. Since Juliette is also a “human” she should be able to have inner thoughts as well. The strikethroughs also helped me, the reader connects to Juliette even more. I really liked how the author managed to use a lot of descriptive words. This allowed me to have a vivid image of how each character looks like and let me absorb the story line in more depth. I really enjoyed the metaphors found within the book as it made me think and made the “journey of reading” even eventful. For instance, “Raindrops are my only reminder that clouds have a heartbeat. That I have one, too.”(Mafi, 105) this quote made me smirk as it holds many meanings

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