The Field Of Dreams By Phil Robinson And The Natural

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Baseball game is the topic that most Americans like and even admire. This sport game has become a favorite game of many people. Baseball game is highly valued and beloved in the United States, which caused the number of books and films created as the anthem to this ball game. Among such films, the two of the brightest are The Field of Dreams by Phil Robinson and The Natural by Barry Levinson. Both films develop similar themes, but the topics of father-son relationships, second chances and the common magic of baseball game find quite different representation in the films that concern American paradise and regaining it.
The most important issue covered in the films is the problem of relations between father and son. Both in The Field of Dreams
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However, we see various aspects of this problem. Actually speaking, both films encompass at least two lost chances that are later reused. In The Natural Roy gets a second chance to become a professional baseball player in a team and to show his possibilities and talent. Besides that, one more lost chance is depicted – a chance to see his son growing, which is also reflected in the film. Similarly to Roy, Ray also got the second chance to improve relationships with the member of his family. However, in comparison to Roy, in The Field of Dreams we see the reunion of Ray and his father. This is supposedly the most important second chance described in the film about dreams and possibilities. Besides this second chance, other examples of possibilities were shown in the film. For example, 8 baseball players got a chance to turn back to playing baseball on the field built by Ray. One more second chance is given to Shoeless Joe and other players, who come to the field to rehabilitate after being disgraced. The field also presented the second chance to a writer Terence Mann and Doc Graham who sacrificed valuable parts of their life (James). The large number of second chances presented in the story about Ray Kinsella makes this film not a baseball film, but rather a film about gaining and using second chances presented to people who dreamed about those chances and can make use of them. In regards to this, The Natural is more a film about sport, even though containing the topic of second chance. In comparison to this film, The Field of Dreams is more about getting second chance and managing to use the provided opportunity to make the dreams come true and complete what one has started. However, using the second chance is almost impossible without the magic felt throughout the films, both The Natural and The Field of

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