Structuralism And Structuralism In Baseball Film: The Rookie And The Natural

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Film Theory
The two films analyzed in this paper will be The Rookie and The Natural. The Rookie produced in 2002 is an inspiring true story. Jim Morris a high school teacher strikes an intriguing deal with the Texas high school baseball team he coaches. He tells them if they make the playoffs, he 'll try out for the Major League. The movie starred Dennis Quaid, who played the role of Jim Morris. The Natural is a film that was an adaption from a 1952 baseball novel. Barry Levinson directed it. The movie stars Robert Redford as the main actor. The storyline follows a 19-year-old Roy Hobbs. Hobbs is first noticed at a Carnival when he strikes out a Major League hitter. After reviewing the two films, we see that baseball movies are naturally inspiring
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The manner in which information is signified is indissolubly linked with what’s being signified.” Structuralism is about how films use codes to convey meaning. Structuralism and semiotics has helped in the assessment of the two films. In The Rookie the speedometer on the side of the road serves as a signifier. Morris tests the speed of his fastball by throwing it past the sign. The sign shows him an inaccurate number that he believes. This serves as the signified. Morris doesn’t really know how fast he can actually throw as the speedometer only shows the correct speed when he leaves the scene. This shows us that in human nature we sometimes undermine our own true potential. In the natural there are a few codes. There is a cultural code regarding women. It depicts women as trouble for men who want to succeed. When Hobbs hits the final homerun into the lights and he runs under the sparkles, it signifies some sort of ascension of the ballplayer. Also the note Hobbs receives has meaning, it lets him know he has a son. It inspires him even though he has an open …show more content…
The films both deal with the sport of baseball. Within the sport of baseball there are certain values and desires shared by players and fans. The films both deal with making dreams come true after facing adversities. Baseball films have been around since silent films. It has a rich history in cinema.
Baseball biographies like The Rookie often sacrifice facts to increase drama. In an interview with the real Jim Morris he says he never actually threw a baseball pass a speedometer to check his fastball. The natural also deters away from the original novel. It leaves out and adds certain parts for dramatization. Both films were released in cinema. It had major financial backing, meaning they had a variety of resources and technology available. Baseball movies have stemmed from a range of different types and styles. There have been documentaries and newsreels, but the most frequent seems to be within the drama and comedy

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