Analysis Of Penny Lane Center

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Penny Lane Centers (MSWI resides at the Commerce, CA location) is a nonprofit organization that care for over 3500 abused and neglected children, youth and families a month. The agency offers therapeutic residential services fosters family home placements, adoption services, transitional affordable housing, family preservation, wraparound and mental health services for children youth and families throughout Los Angeles County.

Within Penny Lane, MSWI works with the foster families. MSWI currently has one family; composed of two one-year-old babies and one five-year-old boy. MSWI visits the family every week for an hour. However, in regards to this writing, MSWI will be discussing a client who MSWI has only visited one time since the start (September. 26, 2016) of MSWI internship. MSWI has not seen this specific client in about two months, though; MSWI thinks about the client and reads the clients file from time to time to check the clients progress.

The client is an eight-year-old Hispanic female; she speaks English. She has long dark hair and his tall. She recently joined her current foster family after being in a group home and four foster homes prior to that. The foster family is composed of the foster mother, foster father, and two other unrelated foster children. The client shares a room with another little girl. The client receives the other two foster children
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Goal 1: To maintain stability at her current placement
2. Goal 2: Continue visitation with bm so that she can feel like her bm has not abandoned her.
3. Goal 3: To make sure the client continues to take her daily prescribed medication.
4. Reduce number of incidents of aggression with other children at school from 4x’s a week to 2x’s a week; she hits, pulls, trips, other

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