Analysis Of Michael Moore 's Movie, Where And Invade Next? Essay

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In Michael Moore’s film, “Where to Invade Next?”, he addresses a main issue of America not offering free college. Moore says that, “Slovenia is one of dozens of countries where it is essentially free to go to a university” and many of these universities will allow, “Any American student to come here and go to a university for free.” Although Moore portrays free college to be something that is easy to convert to, he lacks to inform viewers where all the funding comes from as well as how long this process takes to expand colleges and how class sizes were affected. In the film, Meghan Smith comments, “In the United states, education is a business. They’re corporations making money,” which is how other countries see the American college. Colleges have to make money due to limited funds from the government. American colleges have to be able to pay their faculty while maintaining their campuses. While free college would allow anyone the opportunity to further their education, a higher education should be something one pays for because the money used for funding free college would come from higher taxes, the degree one would receive would be worth less in terms of quality, and college campuses would be impacted greatly.
Although the idea of free college sounds great, the money used to fund free college would come from higher taxes. Every single person who pays taxes would expect an increase in the amount of money that is taken out of one’s paycheck for taxes. Making college free…

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