Analysis Of Desertion Ad

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The ad that I chose to do my paper on is an ad that is promoting a new show. The ad is old because now the show is on its 7th season but, at the time they were trying to convey an image of what the world would look like if the world was overtaken by a zombie apocalypse. I think they got the point across. The image is controversial because nobody really knows what the world really would look like if there were to be a zombie apocalypse. Throughout the image there appears to be many instances of desertion and even has the title “The Walking Dead” across the front of the image. So, even if you could not tell what was going on in the picture, you would instantly know it has something to do with dead people or zombies. So, for promoting
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Which I think is proving the point that nobody is left in the city. You could possibly assume that he is going back into the city to look for life and or his family. He also could not be going back he could just be traveling looking for a group of people to survive with or looking for a city that has not yet been affected by the apocalypse. So, him going to the city could lead to endless possibilities that gives the viewers of the show a reason to watch it. Because once you look at the add and notice that he is the only one you wonder why, and you wonder what he is doing going towards a city that looks so …show more content…
With this ad, there is endless assumptions you can make. Which I think makes the show so watchable, because for that being the very first ad of the show they contracted a whole lot of curious viewers looking for an answer to that ad. It was one of the reasons I started watching the show. Overall this was a very successful ad for what point they were trying to get across. If you have ever seen the show or know anything about the show, the ad fits in perfectly with the show. Typically, the show leaves you on a cliffhanger which is really what this ad is doing. As an ad it does everything you want an ad to do by gaining curiosity and attracting a loyal fan

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