Essay about Analysis Of Coca Cola 's Advertisement

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Coca-Cola has produced thousands of advertisements since the company’s creation with the goal of appealing to a broad range of consumers. Stylistically, Coca-Cola advertisements have changed over time, but their goal remains the same. This paper will use two Coca-Cola advertisements, one released in the United States in 1886 and the other in The Netherlands in May 2015, to discuss the delicate balance between using generalized advertisements compared to a more personalized style. Both of the advertisements advocate for personal satisfaction and a desire to be inclusive. In both cases, they present a range of consumers that can achieve personal happiness. In the advertisement from 1886, men of varying professions and women are referenced, while the more modern advertisement showcases consumers of implied differing sexual orientation, gender, and age, each achieving their own sense of personal happiness. The difference in the two advertisements is largely felt in their stylistic choices, the most glaring difference is the modern advertisement using actual pictures of people rather than simply naming categories of people, as is the case in the 1886 advertisement. This paper will show that personalized advertisements that humanize the product are more effective at being inclusive and communicating Coca-Cola’s brand.
The advertisement from 1886 includes an over generalized message in the center of the advertisement (Vintage). Underneath the Coca-Cola brand name in bold…

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