Compare And Contrast Pepsi Vs Coke

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I believe that the Coco-Cola corporation is a superior company than Pepsi co. America being a country of freedom and prosperity was founded on innovation still being embodied in every can of Coke. Opening up a can of Coke, soda, or pop can mean many different things depending on where you live in the country meaning we all have our own opinions. The Coca-Cola company was founded in the late ninetieth century by a pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton. Cokes largest rival Pepsi was founded in the early twentieth century by Caleb Bradham creating the cola wars. Although many consider Pepsi to have sweeter taste compared to Coke I personally as well as multiple beverage critiques consider the history, image, and overall advertising tactics …show more content…
The coke mission statement serves to refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness and create value and make a difference. Though the Pepsi market is growing the company does not strive to complete any mission leaving coke as a more reparable brand. Coca-Cola recently enacted a new marketing strategy in the food and beverage industry: If you are going to sell the stuff, you better talk about the stuff. Felix Salmon notes “in blind taste tests of wine, people almost invariably prefer sweeter varieties. This hardly means sweeter wines are always better—and Pepsi is sweeter than Coke” (Felix Salmon). Pepsi’s entire marketing strategy revolves around their products sweetness and to some consumers if the product is sweeter doesn’t make it better.
Americans love a cold glass of Coke! It puts a smile on our face and reminds us of the good old days. The taste, the emotional brandings, and their marketing techniques are some of the reasons why Coke remains supreme in the soft drink market. The taste, the emotional brandings, and their marketing techniques keeps everyone guessing what Coke will do next. Pepsi and Coca Cola have long been rivals in the marketing industry making them the two most recognizable names in soft drink

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