Role Of Motivation In Coca Cola

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What are the current practices in the Organization around how leaders use motivation techniques?
Since 1886, fast-forward 125 years, the drink simply known today as Coke. Frank Robinson who named Coca-Cola was motivated by the desire for the tasty drink to succeed, and so designed the lettering to advertise. Motivation was one of the essential keys to guarantee success for the newly started soft drink company. Motivation plays one of the biggest roles in the success of individuals and companies alike. The Coca-Cola Company is without a doubt an extremely successful business. This success is due to the motivation, structure, and organization the company has set as the standards for their employees.
What is motivation and what drives a person
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By encouraging open communication, providing financial rewards and catering to the hygiene needs of their employees, Coca Cola creates a work environment conducive to success in all aspects. All individuals have needs that determine their level of motivational and personal success. Outlined in the textbook, Essentials of Contemporary Management (George & Jones 201, p.294), Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs consist of persons needs pertaining to self-actualization, esteem, belongingness, safety, and physiological. The techniques used by the Coca-Cola Company have the ability to satisfy all categories of personal needs for individuals. When personal needs are met, high levels of satisfaction are produced and exhibited through the person’s actions. It appears that by the sheer size of the company, range of market area, and level of employee satisfaction, the Coca-Cola Company has created a strong foundation for success for the company and for their many …show more content…
The Coca Cola Company is already doing a great job. The Coca-Cola Company is very well organized among the international and local branches. On the Coca-Cola journey (2015) portion of its website, it states “that working groups of Company associates and representatives from our bottling partners have been formed to determine the feasibility, due to the legal and management complexity of the Coca-Cola system, of collecting and consolidating economic and social data in addition to the environmental data already collected. Many of our bottling partners produce their own corporate responsibility reports.” With the company already looking to organize and keep track of each partner, we would suggest, an in cooperation network where all managing employees around the world would have access to the reports immediately. With the fact the Coca-Cola company seems focused on bettering life we would also suggest they keep caring and helping out by donating money and creating charities, foundations and organizations when a tragic event happens in the world, much like they have already done. In the past they held blood drives and help create ammunition, they joined the fight against aids in Africa in 2001 and contributed 12 million in disaster

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