The Rock And Roller Cola War Case Study

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Businesses created much of a hype between millions of people when the Rock and Roller Cola War began. It was one of the most thrilling and long-lasting events in the eighties and nineties where Coca-Cola and Pepsi fought against each other to be the better company. This event all over the world brought in many celebrities and money. During this time, there was a colossal profit, many famous people participated, and they put a huge mark on history. Coca-Cola was created by pharmacist J.S. Pemberton about one hundred years ago. He first started using his product as a medicine with the exotic ingredients of Coca leaves which is cocaine, and Kola nuts which gave caffeine. This gives the name Coca-Cola. In 1903, they decided to take the cocaine out and replace it with spent leaves. By the very early 1900s, the company was the best known brand in America. 1916 was around the time where 153 imposters were trying to climb the charts as well, but they were no match for Coke (Cola, 2015). …show more content…
He also did this because he wanted to help with the sick and said that it was healthy and helps digestion. This of course isn’t true because we know now about the dangers that lurk behind them including diabetes (Pepsi).
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Money played a huge role in the Cola Wars. During the war Coca-Cola and
Pepsi tried to buy and come up with as many things as possible. They would scramble for almost anything that they wanted and would place a huge price on the company. With a price that tremendous, the owners couldn’t say no. That led to the companies getting almost anything that they put their hands

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