Analysis Of Angelle Boudreaux's Journey Of Writing

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Angelle Boudreaux
Angelle Boudreaux’s Journey of Writing Since the beginning of my writing career as a student, I have evolved as a writer and, currently, I am still learning new ways to improve it. With this in mind, my goal is to become the best writer I can possibly be.
In the beginning when I first started to write papers for school, I was not very good. My teachers never placed a strong emphasis on writing and English as a top priority to teach, so when I had to write my first book report in third grade, I clearly was not prepared for the task. Since I did not know where to start, I asked my father to assist me. First, he taught me the basics such as a topic sentence, introduction, conclusion, body, and etc. Then, he took out the newspaper
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This is the first major turning point in my writing career as a student. At first, I used to write the way I would speak, but with a lot of practice, hard work, and my father’s help, I was able to overcome this issue. As fifth and sixth grade went by, my class did not write as much except for the Social Studies Fair in sixth grade. When seventh grade came, the only thing I did in English class was write papers. It was a shock because I went from writing an occasional paper to writing an essay almost every day. Not only did this make me a better writer, but it also made me a better public speaker as well. Everything I wrote had to be read and presented in front of the class. I was introduced to writing about personal experiences, short stories, evaluations, debates, and so much more. The best paper I wrote in that class was a debate on how fishermen were killing the population of sharks for sport. Nobody could make a case against me to discredit my topic. I was voted the “best debater” by the students and teacher for that debate. It still amazes me that, at first, I used to hate seventh grade English class, but by the end of the year, it was my absolute favorite hands down. This class was the second major turning point for me because I was able to find myself as a writer. I owe half of my writing success to my seventh grade teacher Mrs. Blake. Her class helped mold and shaped me into the writer I am …show more content…
It was my first time writing a present tense in third person paper, so I sought extra help. I practiced on the internet and wrote my own example mini essays to get me prepared for the essay on the exam. When I took my test, I felt pretty confident with my essay, even though it was my first essay using this technique. After all the tests were graded, everyone received their test back but me. I knew the teacher had it because I could see it in her hand. She proceeded to flip to the last page and started reading my essay to the class. After she read the final sentence, she looked up and said, “Class that is the proper way to write an essay for my class”. I was stunned. I knew my paper was good, but I did not expect it to meet those kinds of expectations. At that point, I knew one day I could possibly become a writer if I would choose to do so.
At this point in my writing career, it is not about learning how to write anymore. It is about taking all the skills I have learned and pulling them all together to show my teachers how good of a writer I am. Now in English 101, I am being taught how to enhance my writing and make it

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