Essay on America 's Public School System

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The origins of life is a mystery today even with the scientific and technological advances we have seen in the last 50-100 years. Public school systems teach evolution as fact to our students leading to the age-old debate centered around which theory (creation or evolution) should be taught in America 's public school system regarding the origins of life as we know it. Instead of our school systems teaching solely evolution, they should equally teach the theory of creation/intelligent design because the United States of America has a history and being a theistic country and still does today, evolution hinders religious freedom, and it is a theory which cannot be proven.
Considering that references to God are all around us; on our coins, paper currency, found in courtrooms including the oath witnesses make when testifying, used in our founding documents, the study of a theory of our origins that point to a deity should be acceptable. In 1864 the words "In God We Trust" were added to the two-cent coin (2011). Two years prior to this statute being initiated, James Pollock explained the meaning of "In God We Trust" to Congress in his annual report saying, "Our national coinage…should indicate the Christian character of our nation, and declare our trust in God." The author goes on to say that presently, the coinage does not depict the Christian character of the country, rather it has more references to ancient mythology (2011). Pollock later goes on to say that "the adoption of…

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