America 's Most Overrated Product : The Bachelor 's Degree Essay

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Conventional wisdom has it that college degrees will open the gate to opportunity in life. However, when examining the years after students graduate, so much is left to be desired. In his essay America’s Most Overrated Product: The Bachelor’s Degree, Marty Nemko highlights a lot of the issues college graduates face. Nemko says that, “College is a wise choice for far fewer people than are currently encouraged to consider it” (125). From this perspective, college is a useful process but not for everyone. While most American parents wish for their kids to go to college, it could prove counter-productive and even ruinous to send an unprepared child to a four-year college. Nemko suggests that:
If your child’s high-school grades and test scores are in the bottom half for his class, resist the attempts of four-year colleges to woo him. Colleges make money whether or not a student learns, whether or not she graduates, and whether or not he finds good employment. (124)
In this sense, colleges process students, rather than nurturing and nudging their students in a productive direction. Colleges stand to gain from student enrollment rather than a student’s post-graduation success. In sum, then, the issue is if college is wrong for you. My own view is that college degrees are overrated and do not determine if you will have a successful life and career. Though I concede that there is more to gain from a degree (rather, the college experience as a whole) than access to a high-paying…

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