Advertising : The World 's Second Largest Advertisement Market

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Advertisements shape the world we live in; we see them in the form of flyers and billboards when we step outside, in the form of commercials when watching television and online videos, and in the form pop-ups when browsing the internet. A 2014 study by Media Dynamics, Inc. concluded that the average American adult is exposed to approximately 362 advertisements per day. This same study also revealed that more than $180 billion has been spent on advertising in the United States, making the United States the largest advertisement market in the world. Only half the amount of money has been spent in China, the world’s second largest advertisement market; this highlights the immense magnitude of money spent in the United States on advertisement. Individual companies themselves spend millions upon millions of dollars to influence customers. For example, Subaru, a very popular Japanese car company, “spends about $154 million a year on U.S. advertising” (Green). These companies, for the most part, use the rhetorical triangle to try and influence the customer. The appeal to logic, logos, the appeal to emotion, pathos, and the appeal to credibility, ethos can be seen in numerous advertisements. In this essay, rhetorical analysis will be use to analyze the use and effectiveness of the rhetorical triangle in an advertisement for a Subaru car, the 2013 Impreza, a popular compact vehicle. This advertisement is “from Canadian editions of the free public transit newspaper Metro” (Layne).…

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