Appeal Of Car Advertising Essay

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Are car advertisements really all the same? No, they are all different in their own ways.

At the same time, they all have similarities too. There are many ways to market products and

most brands give facts with something flashy to pull you in. That flashy addition that is given

would be an appeal. Not everyone uses the same appeals, and many change their appeals over

time. A question that can be brought up from this would be what appeal is the most affective. But

first let’s start with a comparison and contrast of appeals that have been used by car companies

over time, to sell their products.

Just about all car advertisements share the same strive to be the best and have the best car

out there. They all share the appeals of dominance, prominence, and achieving. It
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But as time went on, people realized that they could not use

that single model to do all that they need to do. So ford created more models to affiliate to others

needs. They expanded so that now they have cars, cross overs, vans, trucks and more. They now

have models to affiliate with almost anyone that needs a vehicle. So that is how the affiliation

appeal has broadened instead of changed.

To sell the most, they also have to have an appealing add or commercial. So again,

dominance can be seen through the ads and commercials. Each vehicle maker adds something

different to their commercial that the others don’t so that theirs seems to stand out. Some do it

through the actions going on and what the vehicle is doing and some try to push their facts

because they know that they have something that someone else doesn’t or their version is better

than their competitors. They all find any way to be better and do it. If they look the best in

commercials and ads, people will think that they are the best and they will look more into

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