Advertising Content And Consumer Engagement On Social Media Essay

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Dokyun, L., Hosanagar, K., & Nair, H. S. (2015). Advertising Content and Consumer Engagement on Social Media: Evidence from Facebook. Working Papers (Faculty) -- Stanford Graduate School Of Business, 1-41.
Authors and researchers from Wharton School and Stanford Graduate School of Business have compiled the findings from a field study on the effect of social media advertising content on customer engagement. From this field study the researchers discovered that photos are the preferred message type on Facebook, as they garnered the most social engagements. The results also showed Facebook users engage more with companies that include brand personality in their posts as opposed to posts that are strictly informative.

Martín-Santana, J. D., Muela-Molina, C., Reinares-Lara, E., & Rodríguez-Guerra, M. (2015). Article: Effectiveness of radio spokesperson 's gender, vocal pitch and accent and the use of music in radio advertising. BRQ Business Research Quarterly, 18143-160. doi:10.1016/j.brq.2014.06.001 This article looks at how different features of a spokesperson on radio influences the effectiveness of radio advertising. The authors state that the effectiveness of radio advertisement depend on numerous different factors and that the way in which a message is delivered is just as important if not more so than the message itself as it can completely alter how it is perceived. This is noted as even more crucial in radio as there is no visual stimulant accompanying the…

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