Dell And Apple And E-Business Strategies Comparison

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E-Business Strategies Comparison
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E-Business Strategies Comparison
In this paper, the focus will be analyzing two technological based companies. With this special emphasis will be given to the analysis of computer making companies dell and Apple. In most cases, the industry is involved in the production of gadgets such as phones, computers among other electronic gadgets. Rapid changes have been occurring in the industry over the last few years with technology and internet taking over the way business operates. As one of the technology supporting industry, the computer making companies have been forced to adopt technology and the internet in their daily business operations. With elements such
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With this in mind, dell online strategy starts through Facebook. Dell has created a Facebook account which is guided by the need to recognize the customer personality in what they offer. At Facebook dell operate with only one rule which is becoming a fan (Tuten, & Solomon, 2014). With this, dell post all its gadgets and the items that it offers in the market to give customers what is in the store. The customers can then order their choice through Facebook. Dell also has a twitter account which is based on the dell deals. These are the deals which the company is offering to the customers at the time. The third is the online video strategy for Dell computers. In this case, Dell has made sure that it has created a video which shows what the company offers in the market (Kaur, 2016). These are the main areas where dell have used in developing its online marketing …show more content…
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