Advertising : Clean Up Your Image Essay

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When you 're selling on a marketplace like Amazon, you might think that you 'll upload your item and have buyers flocking to your listing immediately. With millions of consumers on Amazon, there are still too many items for customers to see everything that Amazon sellers have to offer. This means that you 'll have to do some extra work to get your listings in front of buyers. There 's a lot of competition on the popular marketplace, so how do you set yourself apart from others and help your products shine?

Clean Up Your Image

Long before a buyer reads your product description, they have seen the picture of your product. They might only see a thumbnail, but they 're instantly deciding whether they want to see more. It must grab them immediately. It has to grab them before they move on to another item in that category.

You want high resolution product images that are at least 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels so viewers can enlarge the picture. The product should be on a white background with detailed shots of the front, back and sides of it. It can 't have a watermark. When you add more images for the customer to see, they 're more likely to buy the product. Amazon will suppress products that do not have a picture for the customer to view.

Along with a shot of the product against a white background, it helps to have a picture of the item in action. If it 's a knitted hat, the customer can imagine how they would wear it based on the suggestions in the pictures. Sellers of…

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